Why Magnificent Brushed Nickel Can Add Style To Any Home

Published: 21st March 2012
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Until fairly recently, chrome was the only available choice for white metal household products and furnishing. These days, for an item a lot less strident and reminiscent of the outside of an automobile, brushed nickel is definitely the incredibly hot trend. It is a particularly common characteristic of modern monochrome style concepts, but looks incredibly good in a considerably less up to date environment. A brushed nickel chandelier, for instance, may blend flawlessly and stylishly in to the design of a room with a classical style. Needless to say, you don't need to have anything nearly as spectacular to make an impression. One or two brushed nickel bar stools or perhaps accessories as small as switch plates and door knobs can result in a sophisticated effect.

Where brushed nickel really seems to have caught on all round the home is in casting light on it. Brushed nickel lighting can be purchased to fit just about all preferences, from the sophistication of pendant lighting above a dining room table to the up to the minute look of brushed nickel track lighting inside of a studio flat. More subtle highlights are attainable with brushed nickel lamps, floor lamps and wall sconces, and a brushed nickel ceiling fan will certainly create an tropical note to warm spaces whilst cooling them at the same time.

While the fad for brushed nickel seems to have mostly confined itself to illumination in the rest of the house, in all the most modern bathrooms it is almost everywhere. Fashionable brushed nickel bathroom extras include soap dispensers, towel bars, mirrors and in some cases complete shower units, and it's a rare bathroom remodeling job that does not include things like brushed nickel faucets nowadays. Brushed nickel indicates no indication of going out of fashion, but the neat thing about this and most other metallic finishes is that as long as you stick to clean and simple lines in the style of the object itself, even when it is no longer leading the design tables it will not look dated either, and will continue to go with just about anything.

Brushed nickel is blanketed with a protective layer to guard the patina against ruin. This typically goes by a different label based on the manufacturer, but key providers are confident enough of their merchandise to issue it with a life long warranty against destruction brought on by wear and tear. They're a bit more reticent with regards to cleaning however, and the guarantee is invariably void if aggressive products are used and damage is a result. Consequently, the array of recognized cleaning agents recommended by each supplier is small, and may differ from one to another, but almost all are content to advise a solution of equal parts of white vinegar and water, put on with a soft rag.

Automobile wax also makes a superb brushed nickel cleaner, and in addition will guard it against potential staining, but do verify with your manufacturer first, as finding out how to clean brushed nickel by finding out how not to is the swiftest way to find yourself with an item that's no longer under warranty. If you find yourself in this situation and replacement seems like being your only choice, you can try out brushed nickel spray paint as a final measure - seek the opinion of the people at the hardware shop first.

With it's classic style and the ability to cover almost everything in the home, to go effortlessly with almost everything else and to endure for many years, it's no wonder that brushed nickel is so popular. Just remember to select classic designs and to adhere to the manufacturer's care and cleaning guidelines, and you can appreciate it for many years too.

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